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Hi. This is an impromptu FAQ page. It'll have to do for now.

For those of wanting to put material in the catalog, please click on the "New Artist" button. Most of the process is very simple and there are decent directions. For those of you with product awaiting inclusion in the catalog, please contact Mike at Mike regarding payment of the $30 fee for catalog inclusion. We just can't do it for free any more.

If you want to get your stuff on the site quickly, you might want to go over to the same place, but put it into the "Info"section with your MP3s. Just list your CD as you would an MP3 and put the link back to your own home page. You'll have to fulfill the order yourself and get payment somehow, but it's better than waiting for our 350-band waiting list to shorten. For info on using these pages, go to: FAQ and most of your questions should be answered.

For Promotional services, including Radio Promotion, we're looking for a qualified individual to help with some of this stuff. It's very difficult to find good people who work for free *S*. Contact Stephen to help with this.

For Educational articles, please forward material to Stephen and I'll post it to the site ASAP.

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